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Graduate Testimonials

If it wasn’t for Hoops House I would be dead or in prison. It helped me get in touch with my family again, a good paying job and I am in the process of buying a new home. Without Hoops House none of this would be possible. I volunteer regularly and I enjoy sticking around the house and giving back. Hoops House is definitely a good place and I recommend it to anyone who needs help.
- Paul

I am very appreciative of the program and what has instilled in me as far as learning how to live drug and alcohol free. It taught how to deal with certain situations like the loss of my father and gave me the tools and to just become a better human being and a productive member of society. I am very appreciative of the program and what it has done for me.
- Cory

I'm very thankful to John Hooper for giving me the chance to better my life. Since attending Hoops House, I've gotten a job, a car, and I have gotten back in school. Most importantly, I've learned to stay clean and sober. Thank you John.
- Justice
I've used drugs and alcohol for the past 25 years and have struggled the last 7 years to get clean. It wasn't until I came to Hoops House that I really wanted to change my life. It is a beautiful home and the structure is like no other in Southern Arizona. There are rules and suggestions you have to follow to build a foundation to change your life and it has worked. Hoops House is an organization that truly cares about its people and it truly shows. I've been clean 20 months now, and I'm an employee at Hoops House. All thanks to John Hooper and Hoops House.
- Philip

I wanted to say I am very grateful and very thankful for what this program has done for my life and for my future. Hoops House has given me hope, a chance to live again, and a chance to be a father again and a son again. I am also very grateful for Hoops House to give me a chance to go to college.
- Dane

I came into the Hoops House program with no hope and no life. Through the seven months I was in the program, I found recovery and I found hope. I am very grateful to John, Dane, and the Hoops House program for everything that I now have in my life today. Today, I don't think about using, I don't want to use, I don't have to use. Thank you.
- Jacob

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