Our Program

Hoops House is a recovery home that provides a safe and sober living environment that promotes a healthy lifestyle free of alcohol and drug use. Learn more about our residential recovery program.

Responsible fathers, sons and brothers

Helping men re-integrate into their communities as productive members of society

We’ve been through recovery ourselves. We’ve seen what works and we know what will foster a high rate of success in the men we help. Our programs not only address substance abuse, but aids in rebuilding a sustainable life centered around the following three pillars.

Work and Education

Work is a crucial way for men to find meaning and establish a strong support network. We help all our residents find productive employment when they enter our program. Many of them find work in the moving industry, in the construction industry, and in the food service industry  – but we don’t stop there. After 90 days, all residents must enroll in an educational program to work towards their next level of education – a GED, a trade certification, or a college degree.


Physical and emotional health is an important pillar on the road to recovery. Residents engage in on-sight evidence based practice group sessions. We ensure that our guests have medical insurance. Our team assists them with locating and accessing their primary care providers as well as dental health professionals. To further encourage healthy habits, we also ensure access to the nutritional assistance program.

Life Skills

After graduating from our program, our guests are ready for independent living. They know how to locate appropriate housing and how to properly maintain their living quarters. They have opened bank accounts and have learned how to budget their income to cover their expenses. If permissible we assist them in obtaining their drivers license.

Hoops House Recovery Homes provide a living environment free from alcohol and drug use, centered on peer support and connection to services that promote sustained recovery. With continued sobriety and improved relational, emotional and physical heath our men are able to maintain positive community involvement at work, in school, and throughout their communities.