About Hoops House

Hoops House Recovery is a 501c3 non-profit organization. We provide a 7 to 9 month recovery home for men with an alcohol and/or substance abuse addiction. We have homes in Sierra Vista, and Huachuca City, Arizona. Hoops House offers a safe and secure living environment for men to work on recovery. We help men re-enter into the community and become responsible fathers, sons, brothers and productive members of society.

Going Above and Beyond

At Hoops House our residents thrive in recovery as a result of our incredible employment opportunities we provide. teaching living skills, finding employment, open checking and savings accounts, educate in budgeting skills, fix or obtain drivers licenses and becoming independent with housing when the residents complete our program. After 90 days, all residents must enroll in college, trade school, or GED courses and be working towards a degree or certification. The house is a safe structured recovery home with rules, chores, curfew and most importantly, alcohol and drug free.

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